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Thanksgiving at My Sisters

Hanging out with the family at my sister’s house. We have not even had dinner yet, and my dad is already asleep on the couch.


This is my mom looking at my web site.

Landing at Newark Airport

Just landed and now taxiing on the runway.

So Empty!?

I just don’t get it - there is no one here? The plane is about two thirds full - plenty of open center seats.

Denver Int’l Airport… On My Way to NJ for Thanksgiving.

I am shocked to find the airport seemingly empty today. There was no line to check in and no line for security either! They are either very prepared and efficient, or travel is way down.

Posted from my iPhone at DIA.

Displaying Photos on My Site

For my first attempt to display more than just a single picture, I decided to try a plugin called NextGen Galley. Seems pretty basic, but the slideshow feature looks very slick! You can add a bunch of transitions and other effects to the slideshow.



What I hoped would be my favorite feature actually does not work very well - the zoom/pan effect. This feature works very well in Windows Media Center. Unfortunately, with NextGEN, the panning algorythm often misses the focus of the photo and therefore misses the point of the slideshow. There is a similar problem with the static slideshow in that it crops pictures in portrait mode - although I might figure out how to fix this in the settings eventually. 


»» Displaying Photos on My Site

Kiss the Baby

We had a great time at the Ratdog/Allman Brothers show at Red Rocks this summer. Johnny K took a particular liking to the baby sitting in the row in front of us.

Hmmm… if baby’s could talk…

Test Post From Gmail

This is a test post from my Gmail account.

iPhone App Test Post

This is a test post using the Wordpress App on my iPhone.

Now I need to figure out how to include and image.


I obviously figured out how to post a picture. It is easy - you can use anything in you photo library or take a live picture. FYI - this pictite is from the CU vs. WV game this year - big upset and everyone rushed the field when we won.

Hello world!

This is my first post on the new website!