Hanukkah - Final Night… and GO BRONCOS!

I ran short of candles, and the store was all out. I had to improvise.

The Broncos are playing now - if they win, they are in the playoffs. Loose and they are done for the season.

Live: Hockey and Music

I went to a great hockey game tonight - Avs versus the Red Wings. We won in a shootout. I missed the winning shot (with my camera), but below is a time lapse of the 3rd penalty shot.

After the game, we went to Boulder to see Motet, a Talking Heads cover band. They were very good, and played two full sets until almost 2:00 AM.

Hanukkah - Night Seven

Hanukkah - Night Six

Hanukkah - Night Five

Hong Kong?

This is the skyline of Hong Kong looking back from Kowloon. I took the pictures on my trip in April 2004, but never got around to merging them into a panarama until today!

I was inspired to put this together when I saw another picture of Hong Kong on the web today. It is taken from the other side of the city, looking accross the harbor to Kowloon.


»» Hong Kong?

Hanukkah 2008 - Night Four at the Drantch’s

These pictures were taken with my iPhone, so the quality is not very good.

Birthday Dinner for Eric and Laura

Eric’s and Laura’s birthdays are 1 day (and 1 year) appart. I won’t say who is one year older…

We had a table for 10 Saturday night at duo Restaurant in Highland Neighborhood. After dinner, we gathered back at my house for a few hours.

Thanksgiving 2008 in New Jersey

I had a great time in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. My sister hosted the family for Thanksgiving dinner, we enjoyed dinner out with the Kobb’s on Friday, and celebrated Moms birthday with dinner at Mom & Dads on Saturday.

Here (CLICK HERE) is yet another experiment with posting pictures. I did not put much time into it - just used the sample music and default slide order with random transistions.


Dinner is Served